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1 letter 9 posters (2010)

Photographs, archival pigment print, 50 x 50 cm.

Photographs taken in places around the center of Istanbul (where I frequented often in my life) and a letter... Visible in the letter are punctuation marks, and words that either need other words to signify or are used when one cannot be articulate. The rest is deleted; hence the text has become redundant. The photographs show mundane daily life in the city. They contain many facades, conveying a sense of blockage relating to the opaqueness of language. Noticeable are various visual and textual signifiers like graffiti, ads and signs, which do not seem to communicate to passers by.


“The light comes through the branches of the trees in the same way the meaning comes through the language: dappled.”

Nancy Huston, Fault Lines, Grove/Atlantic Inc., 2008.

The posters were published in an issue of Kayısı Kent A4, a fanzine project by Dilek Winchester. 

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